Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My Musical Mind - A Massive Multi-Genre Playlist

Welcome to my musical mind - a massive multi-genre playlist.

I've been playing guitar in bands since the early eighties - everything from the heavy metal of Xerxes (Chicago) to euro-synth pop of Sector Q (Milwaukee) to the alt-country of Buck Storm/The Great Chiefs (Santa Barbara). The band I'm playing in now is BitchAss - we play fast, hard retro-punk rock.

But don't let that get you thinking that I'm just a punk-rock-metal-pop-country music lover.

I listen to everything from the early dub-reggea of Marley to experimental ambient of Eno and Fripp. Give me the English pop of Blur in the mornings, industrial afternoons with Ministry, and electronica nigths with Morcheeba.

Looking at my current playlist: Deftones, Sigur Ros, SuperGrass, Goldfrapp, Jay Shobe, XTC, Queens of the Stoneage...

This blog is going to be my public expose of online music - cool deals, cool music...

Visit often and expand your musical mind.