Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Free Indie Downloads at Audio Lunchbox

Indie only!

Audio Lunchbox is an online distributer of independent music. Most songs are .99 each, most albums are $9.99 -- however they're always having specials promoting different indie labels and indie artists. The gig is you have to buy lunch cards - $25, $50 or $100 and use them to buy the music.

Is the selection any good? Sure, if you get into indie bands. Is the service any good? It is if you know your indie music, or don't mind taking a chance (which is why I like the fixed fee with unlimited listening services like Rhapsody.)

How do you get free downloads? They always have one free download on their frontpage - to get more is a little tricky. Sign up for an account - you don't have to provide any bank info. Then go to this link for the downloads (or click the circle icon "Free MP3".) Click on one of the the artists which will bring you to that artist's page. Select the songs with price FREE, click the shopping cart icon. This will bring you to your shopping cart screen - click Checkout. At checkout, choose to pay by Lunchcard - which will have $0 amount - and deselect "Pay by Credit Card." Choose Checkout - then download your FREE MP3's!

Some of the artists not on the linked page also have free songs - you'll just need to search them out.

Cool band to check out with some free MP3's is The Exit (Foo Fighters crossed with the Clash.)

Check it: