Thursday, September 09, 2004

Get 50 FREE MP3s From eMusic!!! And Super Cheap 22 Cent Downloads!!

Sign up for eMusic and you can download up to 50 MP3s for FREE! Register, download the songs, then cancel. Pretty easy.

And if you dig the eMusic service - keep the deal going with SUPER CHEAP downloads - from 25 cents per song down to 22 cents per song!

How does eMusic compare to the others? It's a package deal - you pay a certain amount per month to download a certain number of songs. eMusic is not like Rhapsody where you can create playlists and listen unlimited - eMusic is for simply downloading songs - SUPER CHEAP.

They used to have unlimited downloads - but that changed last month. eMusic now has three subscription plans:

eMusic Basic: $9.99 per month/40 song downloads (~.25 per song)
eMusic Plus: $14.99 per month/65 song downloads (~.23 per song)
eMusic Premium: $19.99 per month/90 song downloads (~.22 per song)

So sign up today, get in on this deal and get your 50 FREE MP3s! If you dig paying pennies for songs, eMusic is the way to go!

Check it: