Monday, October 11, 2004

Indie Music Sites and Pimping Hard 9

A few weeks ago I wrote on another blog about the death of Hollywood as the entertainment capital. The new power in entertainment is with technology. The power to create AND the power to distribute. That power isn't in Hollywood. It's in Seattle, Redmond, Cupertino and other media technology hubs - all outside of Hollywood. Best of all, this new power is accessible to virtually any artist anywhere in the world.

While the majors like iTunes are allowing independents to get on-board, there are sites just for independents. Here's three of the best independent only music sites:

Unsigned Music Network

Audio Lunchbox

Garage Band

These sites all have free MP3's - so even if you're not in a band, check them out - and check out some free new music.

For major distribution of independent music, check out Loudeye's IndieSource. Loudeye distributes music to the majority of online music retail sites. While they don't sell to end-users, I'm including them because if you really want massive distribution, you need to check them out.

Free MP3's of Hard 9
Here's a link to one of my favorite Indie bands, Hard 9 on Garage Band. Hard 9 is a 100 MPH joy ride in a stolen muscle car. Ballsy and loud. Billy Zoom of X produced a couple of their tunes, including the nitro-fueled "Creep".