Friday, October 15, 2004

HUNDREDS of Free MP3's From the Amazon Including the Year's Best "Destiny" by Zero 7

So we all know about - it's where you go to buy virtually anything online. Well a few months ago they even started carrying musical instruments - guitars, basses, drums, etc... at INSANELY low prices. We're talking Musician's Friend prices (a quick check showed same prices on both sites.) And it's the good stuff - Gibsons, Schecters, Deans....

What does this have to do with free MP3's? Well, it wasn't until I checked out the guitars that I really took a good look at Amazon's music service - and found hundreds of FREE MP3's - and once again was totally blown by what Amazon was giving away - downloads of Sigur Ros, Rancid, Yo La Tengo, and one of my favorites Zero 7's "Destiny".

Zero 7 is this amazing electronica duo - two producers from the UK mixing smooth soul and funk samples with live vocals into sonic acid-jazz bliss. "Destiny" from their debut release Simple Things surrounds you in sweet serenity. (Cool music fact: the Dangermouse remix of "Somersault" was the 100 millionth iTunes download.)

Get the download of "Destiny" (and a couple hundred other MP3's) from the Amazon: