Monday, October 25, 2004

Too Much Crap in the Garage at SoundClick - Ya' Gotta Dig Deep to Find The Fantastic 5

When's the last time you cleaned out someone else's garage? Probably never ... 'cause it sucks. Who wants to go digging through someone else's trash?

And that's the problem with SoundClick. It's the world's largest garbage filled garage. Most of the "bands" are one person. Not that one person can't make a masterpiece - especially with the tech available. But the majority of bands I looked into are one person with one song idea and no idea how to produce. The "acid jazz" band the site recommended was more like an acid casualty trying to cover a Phish cover of some obscure Dead tune. My favorite indie band Stomprocket may be on the site, but hell, they're everywhere. Don't waste your time on SoundClick- EXCEPT to check out the hot-rodded pop stashed in the back - The Fantastic 5.

Free MP3's of The Fantastic 5
The Fantastic 5 is a '50's influenced garage-psych-pop-punk-rock band out of Miami, Florida. Kind of like digging through piles of trash and finding a cherry red '65 Chevy Malibu SS under cover. This band burns in a cool lo-fi way.

Check it, go direct:
The Fantastic 5