Friday, December 03, 2004

Free Euro Tunes From PeopleSound - German Hip-Hop From FREIER MIT HERZ!!

The PeopleSound concept is like a cheap schmorgasborg - have some major label samples to pull in the traffic - then fill the buffet with indie filler. But dig through and you may find some tasty nugs... like the German Hip-Hop of Freier Mit Herz!!!

Now the cool thing about PeopleSound is it's not just a site - it's an online music community. You can create playlists on the site, let other people listen to your mix, listen to other people's mixes - a great way to hear new music.

Free MP3's From Freier Mit Herz!!!!!
There's something about listening to lyrics that I can't understand that really turns me on. Could be why I dug Freier Mit Herz so much. You'd expect that a German hip-hop band would be grinding industrial - but this band reminded me more of the Sugarcubes than Rammstein. A quirky, smooth, uncomprehensible caberet.

Check it:

Note: Peoplesound does not currently accept music from indie artists.