Sunday, December 12, 2004

Music From the Site Known for Downloads - C|NET - Groovy PsychGarage Rock From Myracle Brah

If there ever was a site known for downloads - it's C|NET. And now you can add music. FREE MUSIC. C|NET is the destination site for everything tech related - and they truly deliver with the music. Not only do they have free MP3 downloads from indie bands of all genres - blues, hip-hop, country, folk, reggae, rock - they also have information on everything you need to know about digital music - the formats, the players, and the services. Very cool. Plus - the editor's recommendations rock!

Very Cool Psychedelic Garage Rock From Myracle Brah
Man was I impressed with the editor's recommendations - Myracle Brah is one of the coolest East Coast rock bands since Iggy & The Stooges. It's raw pop rock that packs a nice psychedelic hit.

Check it:
C|NET Music