Sunday, December 12, 2004

Music From the Site Known for Downloads - C|NET - Groovy PsychGarage Rock From Myracle Brah

If there ever was a site known for downloads - it's C|NET. And now you can add music. FREE MUSIC. C|NET is the destination site for everything tech related - and they truly deliver with the music. Not only do they have free MP3 downloads from indie bands of all genres - blues, hip-hop, country, folk, reggae, rock - they also have information on everything you need to know about digital music - the formats, the players, and the services. Very cool. Plus - the editor's recommendations rock!

Very Cool Psychedelic Garage Rock From Myracle Brah
Man was I impressed with the editor's recommendations - Myracle Brah is one of the coolest East Coast rock bands since Iggy & The Stooges. It's raw pop rock that packs a nice psychedelic hit.

Check it:
C|NET Music

Monday, December 06, 2004

uber indie on UberLabel - uber acoustic chill with Andrea Ramirez

I was recently hooked up with the Seattle site UberLabel - it's a label/hosting site, and ... uh, it's very very indie. They cover every genre - acoustic blues to industrial - and while it's a nice idea to open the door to everyone, you have to ask yourself - after sifting through countless rank amateur attempts - why? Why don't they sift through what they have and point out the best? I'll give them a hint - start with Andrea Ramirez.

Smooth Acoustic Blues From Andrea Ramirez
I found some decent nugs stashed away in UberLabel's Acoustic Blues section. Andrea Ramirez has amazing vocal talent combined with some damn fine players. It's soft, it'll sooth your soul.

Andrea Ramirez

Friday, December 03, 2004

Free Euro Tunes From PeopleSound - German Hip-Hop From FREIER MIT HERZ!!

The PeopleSound concept is like a cheap schmorgasborg - have some major label samples to pull in the traffic - then fill the buffet with indie filler. But dig through and you may find some tasty nugs... like the German Hip-Hop of Freier Mit Herz!!!

Now the cool thing about PeopleSound is it's not just a site - it's an online music community. You can create playlists on the site, let other people listen to your mix, listen to other people's mixes - a great way to hear new music.

Free MP3's From Freier Mit Herz!!!!!
There's something about listening to lyrics that I can't understand that really turns me on. Could be why I dug Freier Mit Herz so much. You'd expect that a German hip-hop band would be grinding industrial - but this band reminded me more of the Sugarcubes than Rammstein. A quirky, smooth, uncomprehensible caberet.

Check it:

Note: Peoplesound does not currently accept music from indie artists.