Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Free Indie Downloads at Audio Lunchbox

Indie only!

Audio Lunchbox is an online distributer of independent music. Most songs are .99 each, most albums are $9.99 -- however they're always having specials promoting different indie labels and indie artists. The gig is you have to buy lunch cards - $25, $50 or $100 and use them to buy the music.

Is the selection any good? Sure, if you get into indie bands. Is the service any good? It is if you know your indie music, or don't mind taking a chance (which is why I like the fixed fee with unlimited listening services like Rhapsody.)

How do you get free downloads? They always have one free download on their frontpage - to get more is a little tricky. Sign up for an account - you don't have to provide any bank info. Then go to this link for the downloads (or click the circle icon "Free MP3".) Click on one of the the artists which will bring you to that artist's page. Select the songs with price FREE, click the shopping cart icon. This will bring you to your shopping cart screen - click Checkout. At checkout, choose to pay by Lunchcard - which will have $0 amount - and deselect "Pay by Credit Card." Choose Checkout - then download your FREE MP3's!

Some of the artists not on the linked page also have free songs - you'll just need to search them out.

Cool band to check out with some free MP3's is The Exit (Foo Fighters crossed with the Clash.)

Check it:

Friday, September 24, 2004

2 Absolutely FREE Songs From Rhapsody

I have one coupon code for 2 free songs from Rhapsody. Here's the code:

Click here to get music with RealRhapsody

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Free iTune - The Must Score Spymob

Fuck yes Spymob.

This week's hook-up for free iTunes is "German Test Drive" by Spymob. This is a must score free-file. Spymob is one of the reddest velvet bands in the new music lounge. This band combines funk-ified guitar, soul burning piano and smooth j-samples for a new-electro jazz rock. Think Radiohead crossed with Ben Folds with echos of Steely Dan.

Give yourself a phat J favor, and check it:


Sunday, September 19, 2004

StompRocket and Sado - The Most Talented Rock Guitarist On This Planet

There's a guitarist in Santa Barbara that goes simply by the name of Sado (short for Lucedo Argentino Rabaudi) - but his playing is anything but simple. This guy is one of - if not THE most talented rock guitarists I have seen play. Sado's two bands are Stomprocket and Carried by Six. Stomprocket is an aggressive drop-tuned metal band; Carried by Six is more extreme death metal ala Cradle of Filth.

Check it with these free MP3's:
Stomprocket: -- three free full MP3's
Carried by Six: -- samples only (and the site is seriously out of date - even though the band still lives.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Free Flashback - Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds

Here's a cool nugget I found - free MP3s of a live recording of Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds from 1968.

Who is Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds? You might know Jimmy Page as being the guitarist of Led Zeppelin. The Yardbirds is a band from the '60's known for having included in their roster of rotating guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.

These songs are from one of their last concerts - a band at their breaking point - but this concert was later to be known as one of those legendary nights. Among the classics that you'll hear is Jimmy Page using a violin bow during the finale song "I'm a Man" - giving the audience a taste of things to come with his next band Led Zep.

Historic, English blues-rock at it's best.

Check it for FREE:

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Free iTunes - "Good 'Ol Love" by Masta Ace

This week's hook-up for free iTunes is a smooth little hip-hop track "Good 'Ol Love" by Masta Ace. It's old-school 4/4 - simple beat, and a rap that's been heard before. It ain't no Dre, and I gotta admit to lovin' West Coast and an old addiction to the Chronic.

But it's a free-file with a little style, so take a hit - check it, then come back for more:


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Get 50 FREE MP3s From eMusic!!! And Super Cheap 22 Cent Downloads!!

Sign up for eMusic and you can download up to 50 MP3s for FREE! Register, download the songs, then cancel. Pretty easy.

And if you dig the eMusic service - keep the deal going with SUPER CHEAP downloads - from 25 cents per song down to 22 cents per song!

How does eMusic compare to the others? It's a package deal - you pay a certain amount per month to download a certain number of songs. eMusic is not like Rhapsody where you can create playlists and listen unlimited - eMusic is for simply downloading songs - SUPER CHEAP.

They used to have unlimited downloads - but that changed last month. eMusic now has three subscription plans:

eMusic Basic: $9.99 per month/40 song downloads (~.25 per song)
eMusic Plus: $14.99 per month/65 song downloads (~.23 per song)
eMusic Premium: $19.99 per month/90 song downloads (~.22 per song)

So sign up today, get in on this deal and get your 50 FREE MP3s! If you dig paying pennies for songs, eMusic is the way to go!

Check it:

Free MP3s From Artist Direct!!!

Artist Direct is a very cool LARGE site with a pretty good selection of FREE downloads - WMV, Real and MP3s - in all genres - and yeah, even some top shelf artists like Alicia Keyes, The Hives, Polyphonic Spree, Yeah Yeah Yeahs...

It's limited - so go get the downloads, then come back here for more.

Check it:

Free MP3s From PitchFork

Last month the online music magazine Pitchfork Media started posting FREE MP3s. There's only 27 downloads available - but it's fast and high quality. The music is alternative rock - ranging from the garage-rock of Andre Ethier to the Scandanavian pop of Jens Lekman.

Check it:

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Free iTunes! "Come Around" by Marc Broussard

This week's hook-up for a free iTunes is a cool southern-pop-rock-slightly-funky tune called "Come Around" by Marc Broussard.

You'll need to download the free iTunes player.

Click here for the hook-up:

Completely Free MP3s From IUMA!!

IUMA? Yeah IUMA! Free artist promoted (read indie) music site.

It's not the pop of the Billboard 100, more like the massive land of the unique unsigned - like the French-blues-reggae-ska of Les Souci(sioux-si).

The downside is that it is really ... freaking ... slow. Really. Do yourself a favor and first check out a song using the Real format, then if it's any good - get the MP3.

Free iTunes

Free Music Rocks Aussie style!!

This week iTunes is giving away a cool little country tune - the single "High Lonesome" by Jedd Hughes. Jedd is from Australia - they've got some pretty big huge open plains out there with their own style of cowboy - but it sounds like good 'ol country to me - could be from his bluegrass schooling at South Plains College in Lellelands, Texas. Smooth licks with a little bit o' twang.

Check it out. It's totally free - just click this link to get hooked up: