Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Rhapsody - UNLIMITED Access - FREE Trial!!

Have you checked out Rhapsody yet? Its an online music service - with a great twist - UNLIMITED listening!

Here's the gig - for $9.95 per month you have access to over 30,000 artists, 50,000 albums and 700,000 songs (the numbers don't work out because some albums have limited access). I listen to over 100 different songs per day. I also like checking out different artists - listening to their WHOLE song - and not worrying about paying for it unless I want to keep it. I've checked out more music in the past few months than I have in the past 10 years. For the $9.95, you listen to unlimited number of songs on their site, create playlists of those songs, and are able to use your license from ANY Windows PC -- Rhapsody is not Mac compatible :( . You also have free access to videos (I am blown away at the quality of the streaming.) Figuring downloading songs is going to cost anywhere from .79 to .99 each, the $9.95 per month cost is equal to about 10 to 12 songs.

Rhapsody also lowered their price on downloaded songs to .49 per song. They did this before in 2003 - and cut it off a month later. So get in on it before it ends. (Yeah, yeah, this blog was created after they dropped their price - but that's why I started doing this - to let you know who's got the deals.) Even when Rhapsody's price goes up to their normal .79 per song, they will still beat iTunes .99 per song.

The FREE stuff:
Check out Rhapsody for free - and see how unlimited listening has its advantages. Here's a link to their free trial:

Real Networks

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Free MP3 Player From Napster

Napster is now legit. Kind of ruins that whole lawlessness and freedom of the Internet feeling.

But being legal has its advantages - mainly knowing that your'e not going to download some nasty virus or wake up with twenty feds at your door.

Is Napster any better than the other online music services? Not that I can see. It's still $9.95 per month plus .99 per song to download - so while it offers the same idea as Rhapsody (listen to as many songs as you want for the $9.95 per month) the download cost is higher. However, the download is pure MP3 unlike the Rhapsody download in Real's format.

But if you are going to get Napster, at least hook up with a FREE MP3 player:

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My Musical Mind - A Massive Multi-Genre Playlist

Welcome to my musical mind - a massive multi-genre playlist.

I've been playing guitar in bands since the early eighties - everything from the heavy metal of Xerxes (Chicago) to euro-synth pop of Sector Q (Milwaukee) to the alt-country of Buck Storm/The Great Chiefs (Santa Barbara). The band I'm playing in now is BitchAss - we play fast, hard retro-punk rock.

But don't let that get you thinking that I'm just a punk-rock-metal-pop-country music lover.

I listen to everything from the early dub-reggea of Marley to experimental ambient of Eno and Fripp. Give me the English pop of Blur in the mornings, industrial afternoons with Ministry, and electronica nigths with Morcheeba.

Looking at my current playlist: Deftones, Sigur Ros, SuperGrass, Goldfrapp, Jay Shobe, XTC, Queens of the Stoneage...

This blog is going to be my public expose of online music - cool deals, cool music...

Visit often and expand your musical mind.